Archiving Early America

2 Aug
Cover of the first English edition of Benjamin...

Cover of the first English edition of Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography, 1793 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Archiving Early America

Archiving Early America

Discover a wealth of articles, images and rare archival material to help you understand this country’s formative years.

Acquire valuable insights into Early America’s people, places and events from an extensive body of information focusing on primary source material that defined a significant time in America’s history.

Lives of Famous Early Americans

At Lives of Famous Early Americans you’ll findBenjamin Franklin’s Autobiography. Discover Franklin’s shrewd observations on literature, philosophy and religion in what is considered the greatest autobiography published in Colonial America.

Freedom Documents

The U.S. Constitutionis the greatest document for personal freedom ever written by man. You’ll find it atFreedom Documents, along with theDeclaration of Independence and theBill of Rights. Read thefirst public printing of the Constitution as it appeared in The Pennsylvania Packeton September 19, 1787.



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