This Day in History. Aug 2, 1934: Hitler becomes Fuhrer

2 Aug

Hitler in Colour:
“There are very few times of the day when the grainy, archival black-and-white footage of Hitler’s Germany and his reign of terror can’t be seen on television’s history-based channels. Adolf Hitler’s totalitarian regime used the propagandistic abilities of the new film medium to full effect, and countless hours of footage, filmed most notably by the masterly Leni Reifenstahl, are used over and over in historical documentaries. However, to our modern eyes, viewing images of him in color rather than black-and-white is surprising and jarring. HITLER IN COLOUR presents a fascinating compilation of previously unseen color footage recently excavated from private film collections. Woven into a narrative through eyewitness accounts, and with descriptive voiceover from award-winning actor Brian Cox (RUSHMORE), the documentary brings new depth to some of the most traumatic years in world history.” Discovery Channel


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