Land of rare beauty is home to disappearing Seto ethnic group

10 Aug


“Around 600 kilometers from Moscow, Russia’s Pskov region has traditionally been a land of striking natural beauty and ancient monuments. It is also home to an ethnic minority — the Setos.

Their culture blossomed in the early 20th century, but now the number of Setos is dwindling — no more than 200 remain in Russia.”

Estonian national costumes: 1. Kadrina 2. Mihk...

Estonian national costumes: 1. Kadrina 2. Mihkli 3. Seto 4. Paistu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WIKIPEDIA “Setos (Seto: setokõsõ, Estonian: setud) are an autochthonous ethnic and linguistic minority in south-eastern Estonia and north-western Russia. Setos are mostly Seto-speaking Orthodox Christians of Estonian nationality. Their dialect, that some consider an independent language – the Seto language (like Finnish and Estonian) belongs to the Finnic group of the Uralic languages. The Setos seek greater recognition, rather than having their language considered a dialect of Estonian. Along with Orthodox Christianity, vernacular traditional folk religion is widely practiced and supported by Setos.
There are approximately 10,000 Setos all around the world. The bulk of Setos, however, are found in the Seto region (Seto: Setomaa), which is divided between south-eastern Estonia (Põlva and Võro counties) and north-western Russian Federation (Pskov Oblast). Setos are an officially protected ethnic minority of Pskov Oblast.”



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