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BBC: The Story of Ireland

28 Sep

24 Sep


President Eisenhower ordered Regular Army troops from the 101st Airborne into the small Arkansas town of Little Rock.  The segregationist state governor Orval Faubus had called in the Arkansas National Guard to physically prevent nine African American students from attending the local high school.  The intervention of federal troops allowed the students admittance to the school but not acceptance.  The Little Rock Crisis later came to be seen as one of the opening struggles of the Civil Rights Movement

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24 Sep


Robert Stroud (Birdman of Alcatraz). Mug shot ...

Robert Stroud (Birdman of Alcatraz). Mug shot 29 October 1951. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This list will be of especial interest to scholars and genealogists seeking information on who was imprisoned on Alcatraz. Many entries are annotated and there is a list of famous prisoners for those wishing to find out about Al Capone, Alvin Karpis, and others. A simple search engine can help you locate other prisoners.

English: Al Capone while incarcerated at Alcatraz.

English: Al Capone while incarcerated at Alcatraz. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Rodovid: a free multilingual family tree portal!

24 Sep


Rodovid: a free multilingual family tree portal!

RodovidThe best way to create, expand and share your familt treeThe world is closer than it seems

Rodovid has been designed and developed for people interested in their own family history and for those with an interest in the histories of royal families and famous people. The name Rodovid comes from the Ukrainian word Rodovid, which means ‘lineage, genealogy’.Welcome to Rodovid, a free multilingual family tree portal!

Rodovid uses state-of-the-art family tree building technology to organize genealogical information on living and deceased relatives and the relationships among them into a cohesive family tree.
Rodovid is open to everyone. Visitors are welcome to contribute information and publish it on this website at any time.
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24 Sep


TV NEWS re:SEARCH : Search Captions. Borrow Broadcasts : TV Archive : Internet Archive
 356,000 Broadcasts. Borrow on DVD

Internet Archive, which hosts the Wayback Machine (very helpful to find now-dead websites or earlier versions of existing ones … like CJR — looking good in 1996!), has just added a new collection to its Internet library: news clips.
Launched Monday, TV News Search and Borrow lets users search through over three years of painstakingly catalogued and transcribed clips from 20 networks (ABC to Univision). I tested it by searching for Fox News’s coverage of the time when Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) was filmed at a town hall meeting talking on her cellphone while one of her constituents, a cancer survivor, spoke out against President Obama’s healthcare law. You can imagine the field day Fox News pundits had with that one. And lo, there is it on TV News — clips from when it happened in August 2009 up until an April 2010 flashback, courtesy of Greta Van Susteren. Annoyingly, they’re set to automatically play if you so much as hover your cursor over them, which means my office had to hear a lot of Fox News while I was researching this post.”


History of Buffalo Soldiers

23 Sep

When Congress reorganized the peacetime regular army in the summer of 1866, it had taken the above situation into account. It also recognized the military merits of black soldiers by authorizing two segregated regiments of black cavalry, the Ninth United States Cavalry and the Tenth United States Cavalry and the 24th, 25th , 38th , 39th, 40th and 41st Infantry Regiments. Orders were given to transfer the troops to the western war arena, where they would join the army’s fight with the Indians. Directed and shot by William Byers.


The History of Jim Crow Laws – Part 1

23 Sep

“The Jim Crow laws were state and local laws in the United States enacted between 1876 and 1965. They mandated de jure racial segregation in all public facilities in Southern states of the former Confederacy, with, starting in 1890, a “separate but equal” status for African Americans. The separation in practice led to conditions that tended to be inferior to those provided for white Americans, systematizing a number of economic, educational and social disadvantages. De jure segregation mainly applied to the Southern United States. Northern segregation was generally de facto, with patterns of segregation in housing enforced by covenants, bank lending practices, and job discrimination, including discriminatory union practices for decades.” Wikipedia (

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