Tuskegee University Archives Repository

22 Sep

National Park Service

National Park Service (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The University Archives includes material documenting the history and growth of Tuskegee University. Books (including faculty publications), manuscripts, Tuskegee University periodicals and newspapers, ephemera, photographic images, disc and tape recordings, and other archival items are available for research under supervised conditions

Our Mission

The mission of the University Archives is to identify, collect, preserve, arrange, and describe records having permanent legal, fiscal, and/or administrative value in documenting the history of the administrative offices, the academic departments, and Tuskegee University related organizations, as well as the activities of its faculty, staff, and students. It facilitates efficient records management and makes records accessible for research and administrative use in accordance with established archival policy by providing adequate facilities for the retention and preservation of such records. The Archives provides information services that assist the operation of the institution, and serves as a resource to stimulate and nourish creative teaching and learning. Furthermore, our Archives utilizes technology in ways that support its mission; publicizes its holdings through exhibits, lectures, and other media, including electronic. It serves research and scholarship by making available and encouraging the use of its collections by members of the community at large. We promote knowledge and understanding of the origins, aims, programs, and goals of our institution, and of the development of these aims, goals and programs. The Archives works cooperatively with other libraries, archives, and museums and helps define the unique nature of the Tuskegee University Libraries.


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