19 Oct


America’s 50 Most Scandalous Political Scandals: From Alexander Hamilton to John Edwards, sexy political scandals have been wrecking American political lives since the birth of the nation. Here are 50 of the most scandalous stories.

From Thomas Jefferson to John Edwards, sex scandalshave long been a part of the American political landscape.Some of them are sad, some of them are shocking, and some of them are just hilarious, but America’s political history has been liberally peppered with our leaders’ saucy scandals. Here are 50 stories that remind us that our mayors, congressmen, and even presidents are not immune to the temptations that come with political power.To guide you in your journey through America’s 50 Most Scandalous Political Scandals (a very incomplete list by the way), we’ve divided the stories up in a few helpful segments. You can start by checking out one of the segments, or you can view the first story on the list, or you can view the entire list to choose where you want to start.

Whatever story you land on, you’ll be directed to the next item on the list at the bottom of the article.


1. Everybody Hates John Edwards

2. Gary Hart Blows His Shot at the Presidency
3. Obligatory Acknowledgment of the Monica Lewinsky Scandal
4. Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill, and Pubic Hair on a Can of Coke
5. LBJ’s Top Aide Caught in the YMCA Men’s Room
6. Eliot Spitzer’s Very Expensive Taste

7. Sexy DC Blogger Reveals Way Too Much
8. Congressional Page Scandal Pt. 1: Dan Crane
9. Congressional Page Scandal Pt. 2: Gerry Studds
10. Segregationist Strom Thurmond’s Mixed-Race Love Child
11. Facing Prison, the D.C. Madam Hangs Herself in a Shed

12. Jeff Gannon: Male Prostitute & White House Correspondent
13. Crystal Meth, a Male Prostitute, and the Fall of Pastor Ted Haggard
14. Bob Packwood’s Bizarre Diaries Used Against Him
15. Gary Condit Damn Near Charged With Murder

16. JFK and Marilyn Monroe

17. Jack Ryan, His Hot Half-Borg Wife, and Public Sex Clubs
18. Bob Bauman and a 16-Year-Old Male Prostitute
19. Mayor James West, AKA Cobra82 on
20. No One Wants to Skinny Dip With Jon Grunseth

21. Mark Foley Gets Caught Sexting Underage Pages
22. Larry Craig’s Wide Stance Gets Him in Trouble
23. Playmate Paula Parkinson: ‘Washington Is Basically a Very Horny City’
24. Alexander Hamilton’s Very Modern 18th Century Sex Scandal
25. Bob Allen’s Men’s Room Misadventures

26. Kwame Kilpatrick Brought Down by Sexting

27. Arthur Brown Did It Way Before John Edwards
28. Two Bobs and a Pornographer
29. Barney Frank’s ‘Risky Business’
30. Chuck Robb Gets a Nude Massage from Miss Virginia

31. Before Jerry Springer’s Name Was a Chant

32. The Don Sherwood Chokehold
33. Grover Cleveland’s ‘Mamma Mia’ Lovechild
34. Governor Paul Patton Gets Dumped, Closes Home for Elderly
35. Duke Cunningham’s Randy Appetite

36. Proof That Gavin Newsom is Kind of Sleazy

37. Allan Howe’s Indecently Low Proposal
38. Neil Goldschmidt Beats the Statute of Limitations, Still Remembered as Child Molester
39. Warren G. Couldn’t Keep His Harding In His Pants
40. Wilbur Mills Throws It All Away for an Argentine Stripper

41. Antonio Villaraigosa’s Real Life Telenovela
42. Jon Hinson Gets Caught in the Men’s Room
43. Vito Fossella Bailed Out of Jail by the Wrong Woman
44. Jim McGreevey’s Gay, but That’s Not the Problem
45. Brock Adams’ Senate Career Ended by Accusations of Harrassment

46. The Hypocrisy of Newt Gingrich

47. Wayne Hays’ Girlfriend Goes to the Press
48. Sol Wachtler’s Boots Were Made for Walking Into an FBI Sting
49. Mel Reynolds Just Won’t Give Up
50. Thomas Jefferson Honors Promise to Dying Wife… Sort Of 


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