American Cultural History 1960-1969

23 Oct

American Cultural History 1960-1969

‎”The purpose of this web and library guide is to help the user gain a broad understanding and appreciation for the culture and history of the 1960s. In a very small way, this is a bibliographic essay. While there is no way we can link to everything, we have attempted to find areas of special interest and to select information that we hold dear today – movies we watch, songs we sing, events that move us, people we admire.
FACTS about this decade. 
Population 177,830,000
Unemployment 3,852,000
National Debt 286.3 Billion
Average Salary $4,743
Teacher’s Salary $5,174
Minimum Wage $1.00
Life Expectancy: Males 66.6 years, Females 73.1 years
Auto deaths 21.3 per 100,000
An estimated 850,000 “war baby” freshmen enter college; emergency living quarters are set up in dorm lounges, hotels and trailer camps.”


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    yall suck so bad i will never use this site again

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