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The Food Timeline

15 Aug
bread 1

bread 1 (Photo credit: awrose)

The Food Timeline (click here to visit link)

Ever wonder how the ancient Romans fed their armies? What the pioneers cooked along the Oregon Trail? Who invented the potato chip…and why? So do we!!! Food history presents a fascinating buffet of popular lore and contradictory facts. Some experts say it’s impossible to express this topic in exact timeline format. They are correct. Most foods are not invented; they evolve.

The Food Timeline was created by Lynne Olver, reference librarian with a passion for food history. Information is checked against standard reference tools for accuracy. All sources are cited for research purposes. As with most historical topics, there are some conflicting stories in the field of food history. We do our best to select and present the information with the most documented support.

Since we launched in March 1999, The Food Timeline’s scope has grown from a single page with a sprinkling of links to 50+ web pages offering a wealth of historic information, primary documents, and original research. As of June 23, 2012 we served 29 million readers and answered 23.7 thousand questions. Compare today’s site with the original Food Timeline, circa 1999. Our notes on the art of culinary research with a side order ofpopular requests. The Food Timeline is recognized by the American Library Association as a Great Website for Kids and was reviewed in ALA’sacademic publication Choice, July 2009.

The recipes featured on our site are selected from a variety of sources including old cook books, newspapers, magazines, National Historic Parks, government agencies, universities, cultural organizations, culinary historians, and company/restaurant web sites. We have not cooked them in our own kitchens and cannot vouch for their results in yours. If you have any questions regarding the ingredients, instructions or safety of these recipes please forward them directly to the webmaster of the site hosting that recipe. Recipes from primary documents are linked for historical purposes only. If you plan to cook one of these, they need to be examined very carefully for unsafe practices (such as the eating of raw eggs).”

ancient noodles

ancient noodles (Photo credit: blackcealt)


Melungeon Voices

1 Aug


Trailer from the documentary “Melungeon Voices” featuring “Sweet Rain” by Euphoria written by (EMI MP writer) Ken Ramm.
“Melungeon ( /məˈlʌndʒən/ mə-lun-jən) is a term traditionally applied to one of a number of “tri-racial isolate” groups of the Southeastern United States, mainly in the Cumberland Gap area of central Appalachia, which includes portions of East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and East Kentucky. Tri-racial describes populations thought to be of mixed European, sub-Saharan African and Native American ancestry. Although there is no consensus on how many such groups exist, estimates range as high as 200. Melungeons were often referred to as of Portuguese or Native American origin.” Wikipedia



The Seven Years War: Crash Course World History #26

28 Jul


In which John teaches you about the Seven Years War, which may have lasted nine years. Or as many as 23. It was a very confusing was. The Seven Years War was a global war, fought on five continents, which is kind of a lot. John focuses on the war as it happened in the Americas, Asia, and Africa. the “great” European powers were the primary combatants, but they fought just about everywhere. Of course, this being a history course, the outcomes of this war still resonate in our lives today. The Seven Years war determined the direction of the British Empire, and led pretty directly to the subject of Episode 28, the American Revolution.


Destination America: Your Genealogy

9 Jul
Family portrait: Key West, Florida

Family portrait: (Photo credit: State Library and Archives of Florida)

Destination America: Your Genealogy

Curious about your ancestors’ immigrant stories? Doing research on the immigrant experience? Below are a handful of genealogical resources—records archives, databases and bulletin boards—to help your search.

PBS Genealogy Programs:

PBS: American Family
The family tool on the American Family site allows visitors to create a family treeof their family history by including answers to questions about where and when family members were born, what their interests are, what moments have shaped them, and many others.

PBS: History Detectives: Genealogy
A step-by-step guide to genealogical research, this site also offers advice on records searches and on other subjects such as interviewing techniques for oral histories.

Click link to see full article:  http://www.pbs.org/destinationamerica/res_genealogy.html

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