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10 Amazing Women Who Led Rebellions

11 Nov

10 Amazing Women Who Led Rebellions

 “Male revolutionaries such as Che Guevara have gone down as heroes for leading rebellions against “the Man.” But forgotten by history are the women who took on far greater powers than Fulgencio Batista. Throughout the ages, women have led rebellions and revolutions which took on the might of the Roman Empire and the vast wealth of the British East India Company.”



8 Natural Disasters of Ancient Times

12 Oct

8 Natural Disasters of Ancient Times

From Listverse”Natural disasters are something that humanity has had to deal with since its inception. They have the capability to wipe out significant amounts of the human and wildlife populations where they strike. In fact, it is possible that a natural disaster will be the cause of the end of the world, whenever that inevitably happens. They could be avoided, to some extent, by removing the human population from areas where natural disasters are known to strike. However, looking back on natural disasters in the past, we see that people were just as prone to exposing themselves to the risk of natural disasters as they are today.”Picture-1-63




14 Sep

Ottoman Empire: The War Machine is a documentary on the six century reign of the Ottoman Empire

“The Ottoman state rose to become a world empire, which lasted from the late 13th century to 1923. Like that of the Habsburgs, its eventual rival, the Ottoman Empire was dynastic; its territories and character owed little to national, ethnic or religious boundaries, and were determined by the military and administrative power of the dynasty at any particular time. The Ottomans attempted to bring as much territory as possible into the Islamic fold. The non-Muslims living in these areas were then absorbed into the Empire as protected subjects.”http://www.theottomans.org/english/index.asp




30 Aug


 Prostitution has been around almost since the dawn of time.  It has been called the world’s oldest profession…other would debate that. However it existed and that’s why it earns a spot on this history blog.



History of Gymnastics By Joanne Robitaille

2 Aug
Alberto Braglia won the only individual gold m...

Alberto Braglia won the only individual gold medal in gymnastics at the 1908 Olympics. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

History of Gymnastics By Joanne Robitaille

Gymnastics is among the oldest sports. While it survives into the present in its Greek form, the people of Asia and the Middle East practiced a form of gymnastics. At its core, gymnastics involves running, jumping and tumbling, activities not restricted to the Greeks alone. The first recorded evidence of gymnastics comes from ancient Egypt. During the time of the Pharaohs, acrobats would perform for the nobility. Gymnastics also had its military uses and as early as 800 B.C. it was used as a part of military training in Greece, the Middle East and China.

Read more: History of Gymnastics | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_6622864_history-gymnastics.html#ixzz22QinQI98


History of Modern Olympics: 1896 The First Modern Olympic Games

28 Jul


The history of first Olympic Games, Athens, 1896 – Events and winners


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