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OPIUM: BBC Documentary Series, A Complete History

11 Nov

“The great Opium War of 1840 and the resulting transfer of Hong Kong Island to Britain. How Jardine and Matheson profited from the illegal trade of opium and convinced England to launch an assault on China. Tea and opium are intrinsically linked and one sixth of Britain’s economy was due to trade in opium, an illegal substance.”



14 Sep


 “The Taiping Rebellion referred to as the Tai Ping Tian Guo in Chinese 太平天囯 ( Tai-‘Great’ ,平 Ping – ‘Peace’, 天 Tian-“Heaven’, 囯 Guo-‘Country or Kingdom’ ) the ‘Kingdom of Heavenly Peace’, was one of the bloodiest civil wars in history between the Qing Dynasty and the Chinese ‘Christian’ rebels, led by Hong Xiuquan ( old spelling Hung Hsiu-ch’uan ) who believed he was the younger brother of Jesus Christ, chosen by God  to establish a heavenly kingdom upon earth and replace the corrupt Manchu Qing dynasty.The conflict, which took place mostly in south China , the Yangtze valley and in the Shanghai and Nanjing area, killed an estimated from 20,000,000 to 100,000,000 people killed (largely due to famine and wholesale slaughter of captured armies and cities which resisted ) . According to the census of 1851 there were  432 million in China. The next census of 1911 shows 375 to 400 million, which shows the staggering impact of the rebellions and natural disasters that beset China . There were other rebellions against the Qing such as the Nian and Muslim rebellions,but the Taiping rebellion was the largest in scale and came closest to toppling the Qing Dynasty”http://taipingrebellion.com/#intro


Shuhe ancient town: a taste of a thousand-year history

25 Aug

Shuhe ancient town: a taste of a thousand-year history


Located 53 kilometers to the east of Xunyang county, Northwestern China’s Shaanxi province, Shuhe ancient town was once a famous port in China’s maritime history, and is known as “little Hankou”.

Entering the ancient town, you can feel the flavor of old streets full of stores and visitors, touch the stone walls of the thousand-year-old castles, enjoy the beauty of ancient dwellings, and sigh at the remains of magnificent ancient buildings.”

Shuhe ancient town: a taste of a thousand-year history

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